We think our cheesecake is pretty amazing plain, but if you would like something a little extra, your choices are:

* Nutella swirl

* Salted caramel

* Dark chocolate drizzle

* Raspberry

* Raspberry & dark chocolate

* Espresso

* Wild blueberry

* Full chocolate (mixed in)

* Dark chocolate & salted caramel

* Saskatoon berry  (locally sourced)

* Fudge brownie (gluten friendly)

* Seasonal / rotating flavour (inquire)

Hours for pickup or delivery are
Tuesday - Friday 10:00 - 3:00 (closed on holidays).
Minimum time is 48 hours to prepare, however we can

sometimes accommodate orders on short notice,

please email us. We will respond quickly during our regular hours.

We have partnered with a local delivery service to
offer city-wide delivery for a flat fee of $10.

Free delivery on orders over $60.

Free pickup is available from central SW Calgary.

Please visit our retailers page to find where

you can buy our products near you! We are available at several retailers in Calgary and surrounding areas.

Order for the love of cheesecake

Raspberry & chocolate

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