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Cheesecake bites

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25 Best Things to Eat (2019)

Individual cheesecakes

The word ambrosial originates from Latin meaning 'especially delicious'. We started this journey to bring our unique cheesecake, to cheesecake lovers that have tried it all. A basic recipe that evolved over time and was tested on family and friends is how we got here today. We then sourced our ingredients from local producers to bring you our unique taste.

Our cheesecake starts by handcrafting our cream cheese, in small batches. We select dairy from Canadian farmers and beet sugar which is grown and processed in Taber, Alberta. We still use whole eggs in our cheesecake which are cracked by hand and also sourced within Alberta. A few other wholesome ingredients and you get our smooth, light and luxurious cheesecake. You have not had cheesecake until you have had this one!


Visit ourretailerspage for where to find us in Calgary and area. We would love for you to visit us soon to try our "ambrosial cheesecake".


Locally sourced sugar made from beets grown and processed in Taber, Alberta.

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Our fresh cheese

Frozen cheesecake bars

ready for dipping

Crafting individual or whole cheesecakes, cheesecake

bites and frozen cheesecake bars all made using our

own handcrafted cheese