Ambrosial Cheesecake Shop     Calgary, Alberta

We make the cheese for our cheesecake.

The word ambrosial originates from Latin meaning 'especially delicious'. We started this journey to bring our unique cheesecake, to cheesecake lovers that have tried it all. We have even met a few people that don't like cheesecake, that enjoy ours.

This is an indulgent cheesecake with our unique mixture of freshly crafted cheese and wholesome ingredients. The proof is in the taste! This is a smooth, light, luxurious and an especially delicious dessert!

You have not had cheesecake until you've had this one!


Ambrosial Cheesecake Shop......Especially Delicious!

We are available at local retailers and farmers markets in and around Calgary. Click on the "find us" tab for details. Come see us soon as we would love for you to try our "ambrosial cheesecake".